Choose your fish: a campaign for responsible consumption of products from the sea


Target Orgs:Companies, Government, Municipalities, Non-profits, Other
Category:Digitalisation, Education, Entrepreneurship, Green Transition, International cooperation, Society

European Commission

Total budget:2.000.000
Due date:20.09.2023 Single-stage
Grant min-max:
Own contribution:%
Keywords:Mission ocean, Mission ocean and waters, Mission restore our ocean and waters by 2030, choose your fish, fish consumption, information campaign, responsible consumption, sustainable fish consumption
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Project results are expected to contribute to all of the following expected outcomes:

  • Accessible and engaging media product to offer information on seafood and aquaculture consumption choices; to ensure a higher outreach, such product must be offered in all EU official languages, and take into account fisheries and aquaculture specificities of all EU sea basins and inland waters;
  • More informed seafood and aquaculture products purchase choices by European citizens;
  • Encourage sustainability of consumption patterns, including on reducing food waste and carbon footprint, and in consideration of future viability of stocks;
  • Support knowledge and consumption of local and seasonal seafood and aquaculture products;
  • Create an awareness campaign, including communication products for e.g. Social Media, to promote the media product and support the objectives as from the above mentioned expected outcomes.


Consumers can play a key role in realising the vision of “living well within the limits of our planet”, and can drive sustainable and responsible patterns, including the responsible consumption of seafood and aquaculture products.

The selected proposal should help citizens to make responsible choices in relation to the seasonality of fishes and to fish population decline and, when relevant, to the sustainability of fishing techniques. The campaign should be performed by using the most effective and creative media, tools and types of initiatives to ensure a broad outreach targeting different segments of consumers, including children.

Activities under this topic should also increase awareness and encourage consumption and purchase of seasonal and local seafood and aquaculture products, as well as awareness on health benefits and nutritional value of aquatic food. These activities should also increase awareness on the benefits to the planet from consuming sustainable seafood products (including under organic farming) as well as in relation to the lower relative carbon footprint of aquatic food.

Activities should have a broad geographical coverage in all Member States and Associated Countries. To take in due account local/regional specificities, activities should be co-designed and co-implemented with seafood retailers, consumer associations, producers and SMEs to motivate them to support informed choices of consumers.

Links with the “Taste the Ocean” initiative as well as with other international, national or local initiatives are encouraged in order to maximise the impact on more sustainable seafood and aquaculture products choices.

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