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Rok: 13.04.23 Single-stage   Udeležba: %
Upravičeni:Companies, Government, Other
Objava:12.01.23 European Commission
Področja:Digitalisation, Green Transition, Health, Science
Ključne bes.:access to care, emergencies
ExpectedOutcome:This topic aims at supporting activities that are enabling or contributing to one or several expected impacts of destination 4 “Ensuring access to innovative, sustainable and high-quality health care”. To that end, proposals under this topic should aim for delivering results that are directed, tailored towards and contributing to several of the following expected outcomes:Decision-…
Rok: 12.04.23 Single-stage   Udeležba: %
Upravičeni:Companies, Government, Non-profits, Other
Objava:10.01.23 European Commission
Področja:Digitalisation, Education, Entrepreneurship, Green Transition, Science
Ključne bes.:
ExpectedOutcome:This action follows Council Conclusions on the European strategy empowering higher education institutions for the future of Europe of 5 April 2022 and ERA action 13 of the ERA Policy Agenda (annexed to the Council Conclusions on the future governance of the ERA, 26 November 2021) on empowering higher education institutions to develop in line…
Rok: 12.04.23 Two-stage   Udeležba: %
Upravičeni:Companies, Government, Municipalities, Non-profits, Other
Objava:10.01.23 European Commission
Področja:Digitalisation, Green Transition
Ključne bes.:
ExpectedOutcome:Disparities in R&I performance are due to, among other reasons, the insufficient critical mass of science and lack of centres of excellence having sufficient competence to engage countries and regions strategically in a path of innovative growth. Teaming is responding to this challenge establishing new centres of excellence or modernising existing ones with the help…

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How Grantly Works

Select the desired …

… notifications of all calls in the areas you are interested in. First on the website, where you can immediately see if your choice shows the right types of tenders. When you are satisfied, confirm your choice and enter your email address. You will immediately receive currently open calls from selected areas.

Receive on time…

… notifications in your e-mail inbox for morning coffee. As the grant calls are usually issued at the end of the day, we send notices in the morning. Definitely the fastest delivery of key information, as action is often needed immediately and deadlines will sometimes be short. You will find out about the opportunity first.

Decide quickly …

… if to devote your valuable time to reviewing the call, as we immediately show you the key information on which we usually decide >80% of inappropriate opportunities. For those who look appropriate, however, you have links to all the additional information at hand. Easy and efficient.

Complete Databse

Grantly - New and Free Grants

European Calls

Although most public funding in the EU is distributed through Member States, many authorities tender directly to local consumers. There are many of these tenders and funds, but the competition is also fierce. Grantly only provides you with relevant concise information in a uniform format so you can focus on the right opportunities.

Grantly - New and Free Grants

Domestic Calls

The main part of public funds is intended for domestic organizations and individuals through Slovenian tenders, at the national or local levels. Grantly covers all levels and tenderers, so by choosing the right areas, you capture all the posts and quickly judge their suitability.

Regional Funds

Grantly also brings you less well-known and otherwise more difficult to access sources of funds from regional programs, to which Slovenians are also beneficiaries. These are the Alpine Space, Central Europe, the Mediterranean, the Danube and the Adriatic-Ionian (ADRION) programs. Due to the smaller area, the opportunities can also be more interesting.

Grantly - New and Free Grants

Target Groups

Public funds are tendered for diverse stakeholder groups, from ministries to small businesses and individuals. With the exception of some professional organizations, public collections do not share publications by type of organization. Grantly will only provide you with calls that are appropriate for your organization.

Grantly - New and Free Grants

What Users Say

Although Grantly is a new service, early users quickly recognized its added value and referred to it in their opinions. Anyone who monitors calls for funds spends a lot of time each week reviewing various lists and sources so that they can identify suitable opportunities before they can decide to start preparing an application.

Grantly - New and Free Grants

When I was looking for sources of funding in my work with local communities, they were really hard to find. There was no page where I would be sure to see everything. Then this inefficient reading of documents so that in most cases you find that the call is not appropriate is a pure must. Now they come to me on their own!

Stephen McGuirk
Dublin, Ireland

Grantly - New and Free Grants

Private institutions dealing with cultural heritage want to connect with partners at the local, national and international levels. We invest a lot of time in this. But with Grantly, everything is easy – all in one place. What’s more, by applying, I also get current tenders that interest me. Congratulations!

Mija Ogrin
Bohinj, Slovenia

Grantly - New and Free Grants

This platform seems very useful to me and saves me time and effort. I can send a call for proposals to my colleagues by email. It’s great to be able to choose the categories you want to follow so there’s no unnecessary information. Practical and free 🙂

Strahinja Tirnanic
Proman Consulting
Kragujevac, Serbia