Grantly - Introduction to EU funding

Introduction to EU funding

Have you ever considered the possibility that your ideas, projects or innovations could be financially supported by the state or the European Union? And would your company, organization or you be the sole target of funding that does not need to be repaid?

Grant calls can take your business and ideas to the next level. Throughout the year, the European Union, as well as the Republic of Slovenia and their bodies, publish a small “sea” of so-called public tenders, with which you have the opportunity to get the money you need, that is absolutely necessary for you.

What are grants and what is their purpose

Grants are simply money that is intended to finance or co-finance your company, organization, etc. Grants can be awarded to you from various sources by:

  • Municipalities

Municipal tenders are also called local tenders and are largely intended for the development of the local community. In most cases, companies and organizations from the place or city in question can apply for local tenders, as it is in the municipality’s interest that the money given goes to someone who will also work for the benefit and development of the municipality itself.

  • Countries

Calls from the state are national and include tenders from a number of ministries, funds and other state institutions. These tenders are usually aimed primarily at SMEs, as economic growth is in their common interest. They are also intended for sole proprietors, individuals, organizations and municipalities.

  • European Union

Calls within the European Union are aimed at those who, with their ideas and projects, stand up for the interests of the EU, thus helping to develop and achieve European goals. Union calls come from European funds for cohesion, regional development, maritime affairs and fisheries, rural areas, etc.

  • International organizations

Funding in this category comes from various countries outside the European Union, such as Switzerland, the United Nations and also various organizations operating in Europe. Funding is intended primarily for specific projects that are in line with the principles and operation of these organizations that offer the money in question.

Why are grants especially important at this time?

So to speak, “free” financial aid sounds too good to be true, right? However, the fact is that no one would defend such a financial injection. It is also an indisputable fact that the vast majority of people are not even aware that it exists, let alone that they can get it themselves.

Especially in today’s unpredictable, pandemic times, grants have helped many companies around the world to survive in the market and, despite the unfavorable situation in the world, to continue to develop and grow.

Before 2020, no one would have thought that COVID-19 would hit us so hard that we would have to close the doors of our companies, and that in many cases they would remain closed forever. However, at the end of the long tunnel, light is seen and these are grants. Funds to mitigate the effects of the pandemic are expected to be available by the end of 2021 or until the money available is spent.

GRANTLY: A reliable partner in a multitude of grant calls

Don’t delay and go over the public tenders yourself, choose the financial support that will be written on your skin and allow yourself to turn your dream into reality.

Grantly will happily and easily guide you to the funds that you have, so to speak, always at your fingertips, but you didn’t know about them, or until that moment the thought of donated money seemed unrealistic or simply unattainable for you.

Visit Grantly, a portal dedicated to public tenders today, and secure co-financing yourself. Everyday new tenders are waiting for you on the portal, which are user-friendly and understandable. In addition, Grantly will take care of the consistent circulation of important information, so that as a user of the web portal you will always be up to date on where, when, why and how it is with public tenders in our country and around the world.

You will also be able to choose the option of receiving news, depending on your requirements and wishes about public tenders and related opportunities for the award of grants easily and quickly to your e-mail address.

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