Creating communities, stakeholder engagement and impact from EIC portfolios


Target Orgs:Companies, Non-profits, Other
Category:Digitalisation, Economy, Entrepreneurship, Green Transition, Science

European Commission

Total budget:
Due date:08.09.2022 Single-stage
Grant min-max:
Own contribution:%
Keywords:EIC Pathfinder, EIC project portfolios, European Innovation Council, community building, deep tech, future technologies, high risk research, innovation community, interdisciplinary exchanges, networking, portfolio activities, research and innovation
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This action aims to raise the visibility and impact of EIC portfolios of projects through novel and creative approaches for:

  • stimulating synergies, inter-disciplinary exchanges and serendipitous effects among the projects in a thematic portfolio;
  • building broader,diverse and gender-inclusive communities around each portfolio, well beyond the beneficiaries of the portfolio projects as such; and
  • reaching out to relevant stakeholders that can further enhance the portfolio’s impacts.

The action will also:

  • promote interactions across EIC portfolios, in particular for co-creating new visions and directions for research and innovation in future deep-tech.

These activities will be implemented with a mix of real/virtual/hybrid formats, as appropriate, and should all result in concrete material that demonstrates the added value of the EIC portfolio construct as ‘being more than the sum of its parts’, in particular by producing high-quality reports or mixed-media material, testimonials, case studies and aggregated information and knowledge, making the portfolio’s subject matter intelligible and stimulating for others while also providing a basis to strengthen the outcomes and impacts from portfolio activities overall. This action will be implemented in close cooperation with the EIC Programme Managers that are overseeing thematic and challenge-based portfolios, and in close connection with the EIC communication strategy.

The proposer/s is/are expected to demonstrate strong familiarity with deep-tech research and innovation, a proven capacity to credibly engage with EIC communities, and a track record in creative approaches with high-quality outputs. The action is expected to cover a representative range and mix of portfolios from different thematic and EIC challenge areas, while leaving flexibility to adjust and choose others, in agreement with EIC as granting authority.

For more information please consult the EIC Work Programme 2022

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