1 open grant calls for "water retention capacity" are currently available in Grantly.

Due: 20.09.23 Single-stage   Contribution: %
Eligible:Companies, Government, Non-profits, Other
Issued:17.01.23 European Commission
Areas:Digitalisation, Entrepreneurship, Green Transition, International cooperation, Science
Keywords:Mission, Mission Climate Adaptation, Mission ocean, Mission ocean and waters, Mission restore our ocean and waters, joint call, land vegetation cover, landscape management, soil erosion, soil water retention capacity, water management, water retention capacity
ExpectedOutcome:Project results are expected to contribute to all of the following expected outcomes:Demonstrated effective and inclusive integrated approaches to the management of landscape, soil, water and vegetation at a regional level, to increase the resilience to climate change impacts on soils, waters, habitats and biodiversity;Demonstrated effective nature-based solutions and ecological approaches to increase landscape water…