1 open grant calls for "Soil management" are currently available in Grantly.

Due: 20.09.23 Single-stage   Contribution: %
Eligible:Government, Municipalities, Non-profits, Other
Issued:17.01.23 European Commission
Areas:Countryside, Culture, Digitalisation, Education, Green Transition, International cooperation, Science, Society, Youth
Keywords:CCIs, Capacity building, Cit, Citizens, Climate Change, Local dialogue, Mission soil, NGOs, Soil literacy, Soil management, Soil restoration, Soil strategy, awareness raising, civil society, cultural and creative industries, festival, rural areas, societal engagement
ExpectedOutcome:Activities under this topic will help progress towards the overall goal of the Mission ‘A Soil Deal for Europe’, in particular by contributing to its specific objective 8 “Increase soil literacy across society”[1]. Activities should also contribute to the Education for Climate Coalition[2] and to the Long-term vision for EU’s rural areas[3] as the Mission…