3 open grant calls for "Development" are currently available in Grantly.

Due: 12.04.22 Single-stage
Projects to:150.000 €   Contribution: 50%
Issued:03.02.22 European Commission
Areas:Culture, Society
Keywords:Creative Europe, Development, Virtual Reality, immersive experience, video games
The objective of the support to Video games and immersive content development is to increase the capacity of European video game producers, XR studios and audiovisual production companies to develop video games and interactive immersive experiences with the potential to reach global audiences. The support also aims to improve the competiveness of the European video…
Due: 23.03.22 Multiple Cut-Off
Projects to:2.500.000 €   Contribution: 30%
Eligible:Companies, SME, Startups
Issued:01.03.22 European Commission
Areas:Digitalisation, Economy, Green Transition
Keywords:Development, EIC, Technology, innovation
The EIC Accelerator supports companies (principally SMEs, including start-ups) to scale up high impact innovations with the potential to create new markets or disrupt existing ones. The EIC Accelerator provides a unique combination of funding from EUR 0.5 to EUR 17.5 million and Business Acceleration Services. The EIC Accelerator focuses in particular on innovations, building…
Due: 15.03.22 -- None --
Projects to:60.000 €   Contribution: %
Eligible:Companies, SME
Issued:07.02.22* StairwAI
Areas:Digitalisation, Economy, Entrepreneurship
Keywords:AI, Development, SMEs, Technology, value chains
Project Stairway to AI is looking for Low-Tech SMEs to improve their products, services, or value chains with AI! The goal of the AI4EU on-demand platform is to bring together AI stakeholders and resources, overcoming fragmentation issues and encouraging the acceleration of AI-based innovations. Among the most fundamental objectives of the platform is to improve…